001: Welcome to the Pay Play Profit Podcast!

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Welcome to the first episode of the Pay Play Profit podcast! 

We’re Marilyn and Jess.

We’re optimistic, practical, hippie accountants and business partners who want to use this podcast as a vehicle to support entrepreneurs in chasing their dreams.

As business owners, the business needs to serve us. 

But it’s not going to serve us unless we solve the problems of: 

Pay (which we tend to delay forever), 

Play (which a lot of business owners miss), and 

Profit (which is supposed to give us those experiences that we really want)

In this episode, you will hear:
  • The heart-breaking challenges business owners face
  • Our two guiding principles and the problems we try to solve
  • Why you need to practice paying yourself now
  • The top 3 questions we’re often asked 
  • The 3 questions we wish people would start asking
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