022: Your Best Work Happens When The Books Are Done

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Bookkeeping is not a fan favorite – but the fruit behind the process of bookkeeping delivers incredible results. 

Today, Lindsey Fronapfel joins the conversation as we talk about why bookkeeping is very important for every business owner to learn. Lindsey is a CPA Advisor and Virtual CFO at The Bottom Line CPA.

We’re in a business environment where almost everyone simply outsources their bookkeeping. But somehow along the way, you’re sort of abdicating your role and responsibility to lead your company’s finances. 

And as a business owner and leader, you have a responsibility to know what’s going on with your money. Sure, you can outsource the task of bookkeeping, but the best work happens only after those books are done! 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Healthy books start with a healthy business owner
  • Why care about the process of bookkeeping
  • Does bookkeeping take a lot of time?
  • The IRS is not your boss!
  • The rewards when you get your books done
  • What this means for the e-commerce sellers
  • Some success stories of business owners who got their books done right!

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