Creating Your Own 60-Second Sales Hook

For many business owners, they think sales copywriting is not their thing. The truth is every business owner is their own best copywriter. 

You might not want to do it now and just decide to source it out. But every business owner should at least understand the basics of what makes good copy versus bad copy. Understand what you’re comfortable with and how to present your offers. And that’s the minimum they need to do. 

The 60-Second Sales Hook

Kevin Rogers, author of the bestselling book, The 60-Second Sales Hook, shares this simple four-part formula for creating a good sales hook.

  • Identity
  • Struggle 
  • Discovery 
  • Results

All it really takes is getting some important information about your product and your enthusiasm for it out of your head, and then putting it onto a page. There are some ways to do that where it doesn’t have to feel like writing. 

Get Your Message Clear

People want to know your story. They want to get to know you. But you don’t want to miss an opportunity to connect with the right people. So get your message dialed in. Remember that you’re not trying to be for everybody. You’re trying to be powerfully present for the right people. Then the rest of them can ignore you. 

Name and Claim Your Discovery

Name whatever product or service you’ve discovered then claim it. Just come up with a clever name. Think about what it does and have some fun with it. Make a list of words involved with it or the change it has made. You could use it as an acronym if you want. Whatever that is, just come up with a name and claim it because once people Google that thing, you don’t want them to come up with 1000 pages of results. You only want them to type the phrase that will only lead back to you.

If you want to learn more about how you can get started with copywriting and develop this skill, check out 012: 60-Second Sales Hook with Copy Chief Kevin Rogers.