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Join the #1 online financial community that puts you in the know about what you don’t know and on a success path to profit so you can go from startup to scale-ready without delaying pay, play, or profit.  It takes MORE than accounting!

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Every Decision Is A Profit Decision…
and Making Profit Matter Starts With You.

Profit is a process and the process only works when you work it.
It’s time for your business to start serving you the dream you signed up for.

More Pay

Your business needs to pay you.  There’s an Owner’s Pay formula that works when you let it.

More Play

You can’t make more time.  It’s time to put time on your own terms and create the play you crave.

More Profit

Profit fuels your dreams – in time, energy, and money.  Your profit decisions build the dream!

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have to Say…

Katie Chase

All I can say is WOW. If you're like me and struggle with the accounting side of your online business, I highly recommend joining Profit HERO. The support I've received over the last few weeks has blown me away.

Thomas Dock Meador

Kristin and team are great at walking through the profit first method.

Jenny Curtis

Absolutely changed our business for the better. Working with this team over 3 years now with success! Thank you!

A Proven Success Path to Profit

You need systems, facts, and strategies to make the jump to profitability.
Our Success Path To Profit takes you on a journey in FIVE distinct phases.

Make ProfitHERO™ Your Personal Profit Mentor
and Build An Online Financial Powerhouse

Lay The Foundation

Make sure the scalable systems you need are in place using our learn-and-do training library so the profit decisions you make are based on fact and not opinion.

Stay Connected

Get in the know and grow through our monthly eMentoring sessions while getting 1:1 support through Unlimited Ask The Pro and Profit Partner Quickies.

Take Action

Profit is a process and the process only works when you work it.  When you learn it, then act on it. Consistency is key to making your dream business a financial reality.

End The Game of Survival Today

It’s time to take control of your business and fix your finances for good.
Put a team of Certified Profit Pros on virtual speed dial to help recession-proof your online business.

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  • $97
  • IMMEDIATE Access To Training
  • UNLIMITED Ask The Profit Pro
  • NO CONTRACT And Cancel Anytime
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  • ____
  • $750
  • UNLIMITED Access To Training
  • UNLIMITED Ask The Profit Pro
  • NO CONTRACT And Save $138
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Still not sure if you should join our family?

ProfitHERO™ Mentees receive:

  • Immediate access to our full DIY Training Library and updates covering Profit Essentials to Business and Profit Mastery organized as virtual learn-and-do lessons. (valued at $1297)
  • Unlimited Ask The Pro where any question whether finance, tax, entity, operations, or leadership in nature will be answered via email within 1-2 business days.  No more googling!
  • Access to Profit Partner Quickies offered weekly where you can schedule a 10-min zoom session with a CPA and/or Certified Profit Pro to get the face-to-face guidance you need.
  • Access to Live and Recorded eMentoring sessions about growth topics to dive deeper on each month including guest experts for income tax, sales tax, HR, and more!
  • Special pricing and promotions related to Done With You offers such as our Profit First Kickstart, Xero Book Look, Xero Power Hour, Gusto Power Hour, S-Corp Activator and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the ProfitHERO™ Program?

Once you have completed your order to join ProfitHERO™, an email will be sent to your inbox with login details to your Client Portal.  A welcome video and all ProfitHERO™ benefits will be ready for you!  If you already have a Client Portal login from a Freebie Resource or other Paid Resource previously, the ProfitHERO™ Mentorship and Training will simply be added to your Dashboard.

Do I get any DIY training inside ProfitHERO™?

Yes!  We believe there is a success path to profit and it starts with The Systems and The Facts!

When you join ProfitHERO™ we provide you IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a DIY Training Library, which provides you with learn-and-do modules, lessons, and bonus content on how to profitably manage and operate as an Amazon FBA, eCommerce, or Online Business owner.

The DIY Training Library includes the below and more! 

Getting Started: Powerhouse Prep Steps
Module 01: Commit To Your Success
Module 02: Your Accounting System
Module 03: Your Accounting Basics
Module 04: Your Revenue Accounting
Module 05: Your Financial Workflow
Module 06: Your Financial Facts + Info
Module 07: Documents That Protect You

A few of the Bonus Resources include:
> Accounting Tech How-To Library
> Closing Your Financial Year
> Paying Yourself As An Owner
> and content will be added as needed!

You have access to this training through your Resource Library for LIFE (well, for our lifetime and we have no plans to go anywhere)!  For the how-to training, we demonstrate accounting processes using the Xero accounting software but you can apply this knowledge to any system you like.

Xero is not required to gain benefit from these valuable lessons!  If you are on Xero, it makes the process for you even easier.  Or, if you don’t have a system yet, we can help you decide what’s best.

What kind of support do I receive inside the ProfitHERO™ Mentorship?

We are here to SERVE you!  When you join our family, we want you to feel like family so we’re opening up the virtual doors so we can come into your world and you can come into ours.  As part of your initial enrollment we include 30-days access to the ProfitHERO™ Mentorship (which you are free to continue for a low monthly fee and cancel anytime) where you receive:

Unlimited Ask The Pro

Ask The Pro provides you with unlimited access to our team of Certified Profit First Professionals at The Bottom Line® CPA and DigiTax Pro™ (the team of experts behind ProfitHERO™) to submit any question at any time for anything related to accounting, tax, profit planning, operations, and more. Your questions can be about your business or businesses, your team, or even personal finance and tax needs.

We want to be your partner and go-to resource while you build your online financial powerhouse. No question is too silly or small so don’t be shy and ask away!

Our goal is to respond to emails within 1-2 BUSINESS days and we also open up live chat throughout the week.

There’s rarely a question we can’t answer via email. We strive to be as thorough as possible when answering, but from time to time your needs may require additional support or services. We’ll be sure to let you know when and if that is happening!

Monthly Group eMentoring

Once a month we host a 30-60min Group eMentoring session LIVE where we deep dive on a relevant profit planning topic to guide you better on the things you don’t know you don’t know.  The schedule of eMentoring sessions and topics are outlined inside your ProfitHERO™ Mentorship portal.

We’re more than accounting and tax —- so much more!  It’s like having a Profit Coach too.  We make sure to stick around for a stretch after the session to serve with any questions you may have.  These questions can be asked in front of the group or in a private chat that we can answer on the call.  Replays of these sessions are made available inside your ProfitHERO™ portal.

Weekly Profit Partner Quickies

“Profit is a process and the process only works when you work it!” ~ Jessica Mae Stafford

Every decision you make in your business is a profit decision.  We believe that most Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business owners should spend at least 90-min every two weeks making sure their financial priorities in order.  Yes, that’s it — and that includes doing the books on your own or with a team member if you have one provided you haven’t created some mega-complicated business!

You need a Profit Partner in your business and ta-da —- our Profit Partner Quickies formed.  Our team opens up 10-min Zoom slots once a week to help our clients get the personalized attention they need to tackle a bookkeeping matter, discuss Profit First, ask questions related to entities, tax, and more.

Talk about taking stress of the plate — we believe you’ll quickly see why this is the secret sauce to building your online financial POWERhouse.  You can schedule time you need with a Profit Pro without bill shock or worry – and address needs you just can’t seem to get traction on via Ask The Pro emails. We encourage every business owner to simply attend ONE of these Profit Partner Quickies to understand how powerful that 10-min you invested can be!

What if I can't join any of the LIVE sessions or calls?

No problem!  Barring any major tech difficulties with our Zoom application, all Monthly Group eMentoring sessions are recorded and uploaded for replay into your ProfitHERO™ Mentorship portal so you can learn at a time most convenient for you.

The Monthly Group eMentoring sessions are timely and relevant discussions designed to lead, guide, and mentor you.  Topics are elected in advance and a schedule of events is posted inside your portal.  Our discussions center around finance, tax, and profit planning matters but we dive into operations, team building, marketing, and more!

We invite our community to share topics they would like us to cover.  It’s your resource and we want to always make sure it is useful and providing value for you.

What's my commitment when joining ProfitHERO™?

In terms of contracts, there’s none of that!  Your one-time enrollment fee gives you access to the DIY Training Library for LIFE!  This includes content updates, bonus content, and anything else we add.  No renewals or upgrade fees will ever be asked of you.  Once you’re in—- you’re in!

Your initial one-time enrollment will include 30-days access to ProfitHERO™ Mentorship.  Your enrollment will automatically continue for a low monthly fee that you are free to cancel at anytime.  If you choose to leave (we’ll be sad, of course!) – your access will remain through the current billing period and then deactivated at the start of the new billing cycle.  But, the DIY Training Library remains!

In terms of time and energy, this is completely up to you!  We come into your world with periodic emails to keep you informed and host a 60-90min Group eMentoring session once per month along with Weekly Profit Partner Meetups.  Sending questions via Ask The Pro or attending any of our eMentoring or Meetups is completely up to you!  The best profit decision is to lean on us and use your resources inside ProfitHERO™ as often as necessary.

Still On The Fence With Questions?

Connect with a Profit Pro NOW by selecting the chat bubble in the right hand corner of your screen!