Understanding Sales and Marketing to Create the Profit That You Want

Sales is found at the bottom of your business hierarchy of needs, which is why having a solid foundation is critical. However, stability is only created once profit comes into play. 

On the other hand, people think that once marketing ends and the sales converge, that’s when customer service begins. But it’s still where the marketing continues because it’s never-ending.

Here are some sales and marketing elements that you need to fully understand especially when you’re struggling with creating profits.

  1. Sales and marketing is a leadership thing.

You have to know who you are as a leader and who you are as a business. At a foundational level, you have to fully understand what you believe in, who you are, what it is that you do, and how it changes someone’s life.

  1. Sales and marketing is an experience thing.

Your sales and marketing are going to start creating experiences for people, including the people who will come on as your team. Start by selling inside then expand from there. You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside, which means that what you’re selling outside has to be what you and your people really believe in and have the same passion for. 

  1. Everyone is responsible for sales and marketing.

Everyone is responsible for sales, not just the person who takes the sales calls. Everyone is also responsible for marketing, not just the person who puts the marketing plan together and creates the ad or writes the copy. They all play a part in this process. But what happens if people on the inside don’t even know what others are doing, what you’re offering, or what your sales process is? You have to be clear because a confused buyer never buys.

  1. Recreate the wheel.

Document everything for everyone. Systematize the message and the copy so it can be utilized individually and with the team. Don’t make it clearer to you, make it clear to everyone else.

  1. Sales and marketing is a lifestyle thing.

Your sales process is about creating the lifestyle that you want through your business. It’s also about creating the results and the lifestyle of the person you’re attracting. You want to attract your prospect and convert them into the offer you’ve made so they can accomplish what they want. Then make sure you deliver on that commitment. 

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